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LSAT Power Tutoring

Your highest LSAT score. Guaranteed.

LSAT Power Tutoring

Power Tutoring is more effective and accessible than traditional LSAT tutoring. Learn from our elite curriculum books using a powerful schedule designed to fit your needs. Get expert guidance and feedback on your prep every day. Welcome to the future of LSAT prep.

Score Your Highest

Through years of research and testing, we have unlocked the LSAT’s secrets. We bring this expertise to you directly, working one-on-one as your private LSAT tutor to ensure you reach your highest possible LSAT score.

powered by major breakthroughs in each aspect of LSAT prep:

Tutor, Curriculum & Schedule

Thomas Hall
Thomas Hall Nexus CEO and Private Tutor

One-on-One Tutoring

For every single prep session for your entire course.

In a classroom LSAT course, you see the teacher once or twice a week at the lectures. The teacher has limited knowledge of your prep and little time to help you during free moments before or after class.

With Power Tutoring, your Tutor analyzes the details of each session you complete for your entire course. Through this analysis he knows exactly where you need extra practice and which techniques you have mastered. Your Tutor provides daily email feedback and constantly optimizes your schedule. Steady and meaningful guidance from an expert tutor ensures that you reach your top LSAT score. And our Tutors are serious LSAT experts:

  • 177 Official LSAT Score (99.99th percentile)
  • Designed and wrote our cutting-edge curriculum
  • 7 years of LSAT teaching experience
  • Tutored hundreds of students to their highest scores

Cutting-Edge Curriculum

Unparalleled techniques and a revolutionary teaching structure. 

The Curriculum is the backbone of any LSAT course: it teaches techniques for success on the test. Other LSAT companies have outdated curricula that limit their students’ improvement. This fall, we finished building a curriculum better than all else before it. Here are the key features that make our curriculum better:

  • Flexibility: Built for Power Tutoring, for customization, and for you
  • Brand New: Teaches the LSAT trends from 2012 through present
  • Innovative: Focus on skills instead of problem types provides deeper learning
  • Effective: Varied types of problem sets hone and test your skills
  • Useable: Learn a skill and then practice it immediately
  • Smart: Brain vitamins (Nootropics) give you an edge on your PrepTests

Smart Schedules

Fully customized, adaptive schedule that actively maximizes your prep.

Classroom LSAT courses consist of 4-hour lectures twice a week followed by homework. This simple, rigid schedule is not convenient. All students work at the same pace, spend the same amount of time on each topic, and complete the same problem sets.

With Nexus, your Smart Schedule is much more powerful. It is composed of short prep sessions that focus on a specific skill or type. Detailed instructions are provided for every task, and your prep data for each session is stored in your schedule. Most importantly, your Tutor builds your Smart Schedule just for you, to fit your LSAT skills and life.

  • Optimizes your areas of focus so that you gain points rapidly
  • Matches practice problems to your ideal level of difficulty
  • Conforms to your availability for each day of the week
  • Short, manageable prep sessions (average of 50 minutes)
  • Custom-built weekly based on your progress
  • Shared via Dropbox so it is always easily accessible

backed by the

Real Results Guarantee

Each of our tutoring packages is backed by our unparalleled Real Results Guarantee: you will improve at least 5 points or 9 points from your diagnostic to your Official LSAT. If you don’t, we’ll refund the full price of your tutoring plus the $170 it costs to take the LSAT. We guarantee that you get results when it counts, on your Official LSAT. The Guarantee Requirements are very reasonable.


Why the “Real Results” Guarantee? Aside from our guarantee, the next-best guarantee in the industry guarantees a 1 point increase. 1 point! That doesn’t guarantee any improvement, that just guarantees that you won’t get worse after their course! Why take a course if there’s no assurance that you’ll get better? Thanks to the major breakthrough that is Power Tutoring, we’re confident in guaranteeing real results. And that’s just the guaranteed improvement—our average student’s score increase is about twice the amount guaranteed for each package.

Start Today

Start Power Tutoring for free, no strings attached

It’s a great time to start studying for the February LSAT. Not sure how much prep you need? Get started with our Free Trial to determine where you’re at, and how much prep you need to get where you want to go.
  • Prep Hours
  • Power Tutoring
  • Admissions Consulting
  • 2 Prep Calls Included
  • Guaranteed Score Increase:
  • 3-Payment Plan Price:
  • Standard
    • 120
    • 5 POINTS
    • $300
  • Ultimate
    • Unlimited
    • 9 POINTS
    • $467

and introducing

The Every Dream Scholarship

At Nexus, we believe everyone should have access to the best LSAT prep in the world. Enter the Every Dream Scholarship Program: offering full-ride private LSAT tutoring to need-based students with big law school dreams. The Every Dream Scholarship Program is sustainable: for every five students who enroll in a prep package, we are able to offer one full-ride LSAT Power Tutoring scholarship. The more people enroll in our LSAT prep packages, the more scholarships we can award. Stay tuned for signup info; if you just can’t wait, feel free to get in touch.

About Nexus

The Vision

With over 7 years of experience in the LSAT prep market and having taught 100s of students, Nexus is the culmination of a lot of industry experience. Our mission at Nexus is to innovate how education happens; to innovate how a teacher interacts with a student, and how effectively a student learns. This mission is the basis of our Power Tutoring method. It is also our goal to make this new type of personalized education accessible to all.

The Name

A “nexus,” in its simplest definition, is the point where things connect. In LSAT prep, there are three key “things,” or components, that affect your prep: a teacher, a schedule, and a curriculum. Power Tutoring combines the three best components in the LSAT prep industry: the best teaching platform, the best scheduling, and the best curriculum. Hence, Nexus was built to offer you the nexus of the best components of LSAT prep.

The Team

  • Thomas Hall
    Thomas HallCEO, Founder

    Thomas, our CEO and head tutor, has seven years of LSAT teaching experience working one-on-one with over 300 students. After graduating from Williams College with a double major in economics and psychology, he scored a 177 on the October 2005 LSAT (Score Report). Discovering a passion for LSAT prep, he turned down a scholarship at Columbia Law School to found Nexus LSAT. He loves yoga, snowboarding, and mountain biking.

  • Ryan Fliss
    Ryan FlissVP of Product, Co-Founder

    Ryan is a communicator, logical thinker, and writer. He has degrees from the College of William and Mary in Chinese and English. Before co-founding Nexus LSAT with Thomas, Ryan wrote an interactive online textbook for English speakers learning Chinese, which further developed his ability to explain complex ideas simply. An outdoors enthusiast and athlete, Ryan enjoys waking up at unreasonably early hours. His mantra: the hardest part about getting to the top is staying there.

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