LSAT Power Tutoring

Your highest LSAT score. Guaranteed.

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Guaranteed Results

Improve your LSAT score drastically or your tutoring and official LSAT are free.

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Daily Guidance

Your tutor analyzes your progress daily and provides key guidance via email.

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Superior Curriculum

Brand new in 2014, our curriculum helps you master cutting-edge techniques.

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Potent Prep

Power Tutoring makes sure that your prep yields steady, rapid improvement.

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Elite Cloud-Based Tutoring

Classroom and online LSAT courses are painfully outdated prep methods. With rigid schedules, inefficient lectures, and non-existent teacher support, these courses are not optimally effective. Power Tutoring is a breakthrough LSAT prep system that solves these issues. With Power Tutoring, prep is built for your needs and reinforced with expert feedback every single day.

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Our December students improved an average of 12.7 points.

This improvement was from their diagnostic to their official LSAT.

  • Nexus LSAT allowed me to set my pace in accordance with my schedule. The material was very thorough. I walked into the test room and knew there wouldn’t be any surprises.

    Thomas, New York
    Thomas, New York+13 Points, 176 Official Score
  • With the Nexus program, LSAT prep became something I genuinely looked forward to. When I took the test, I felt confident in my abilities and assured I would get a strong score.

    Joe, Iowa
    Joe, Iowa+13 Points, 172 Official Score
  • I’d been studying on my own before using Nexus, and was worried I wouldn’t be able to improve much more, but I got a 177 on the official LSAT. I strongly recommend Nexus LSAT.

    Marina, California
    Marina, California+11 Points, 177 Official Score
  • Nexus LSAT helped me stay motivated and disciplined, which ultimately earned an LSAT score of 176! It was a huge help, for a great price.

    Clay, Georgia
    Clay, Georgia+17 Points, 176 Official Score
  • The course was everything I needed: great curriculum, strong support, and a schedule built for my abilities. Thanks to Nexus, I got a score I had once written off as a dream.

    Amy, Maryland
    Amy, Maryland+14 Points, 168 Official Score
  • Nexus LSAT is an organized and engaging course that provides superior study materials and support from tutors.

    Hallie, South Carolina
    Hallie, South Carolina+21 Points, 159 Official Score
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Free Trial & Pricing

There are 3 months and 2 weeks until the June LSAT. That’s plenty of time to get a great score.

Our tutors have 14 more student slots available.

  • Amount of Prep:
  • Recommended length:
  • Real Results Guarantee:
  • Admissions Consulting
  • 2 Prep Calls
  • 3-Payment Plan Price:
  • Basic Course
    • 100 hours
    • 3 weeks – 3 months
    • 5 Points
    • $283
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  • Ultimate Course
    • Unlimited
    • 1.5 – 5 months
    • 9 Points
    • $467
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Real Results Guarantee

Our two tutoring courses are backed by our unparalleled Real Results Guarantee. You will improve at least 5 points (Basic Course) or 9 points (Ultimate Course) from your diagnostic to your Official LSAT, or your course and official LSAT ($170) are free.

The next-best guarantee in the LSAT prep industry is only 1 point! This makes sense: other prep methods don’t come close to our impressive results for every student. Because Power Tutoring is so effective, we give you complete peace of mind that your course will improve your LSAT score drastically. The guarantee requirements are very reasonable.

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Contact Us

(970) 439-0180

Office hours (Mountain Standard Time):

9AM – 10 PM MST, Monday – Friday

10 AM – 5 PM MST, Saturday & Sunday

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300 South Mahoney Drive, #16

Telluride, CO  81435

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