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Your custom course schedule is online and all the prep materials you need are mailed to your door.

Built Just for You

An LSAT expert designs your course from scratch to fit your specific LSAT skills and busy schedule.

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A personalized course helps you build your LSAT skills quickly to reach your full LSAT potential.

Mentor Guided LSAT Course

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Get unparalleled support from a mentor dedicated to your success. Your mentor analyzes and guides you after every prep session. A fully personalized LSAT course with our full curriculum and daily guidance from your expert mentor. Available everywhere.

$390 – $590 / Month

Our 2014 students raised their LSAT scores an average of 12.7 points.
That’s 3x the improvement of a typical LSAT classroom course.

  • Nexus LSAT allowed me to set my pace in accordance with my schedule. The material was very thorough. I walked into the test room and knew there wouldn’t be any surprises.

    Thomas, New York
    Thomas, New York +13 Points, 176 Official Score
  • With the Nexus program, LSAT prep became something I genuinely looked forward to. When I took the test, I felt confident in my abilities and assured I would get a strong score.

    Joe, Iowa
    Joe, Iowa +13 Points, 172 Official Score
  • I’d been studying on my own before using Nexus, and was worried I wouldn’t be able to improve much more, but I got a 177 on the official LSAT. I strongly recommend Nexus LSAT.

    Marina, California
    Marina, California +11 Points, 177 Official Score
  • Nexus LSAT helped me stay motivated and disciplined, which ultimately earned an LSAT score of 176! It was a huge help, for a great price.

    Clay, Georgia
    Clay, Georgia +17 Points, 176 Official Score
  • The course was everything I needed: great curriculum, strong support, and a schedule built for my abilities. Thanks to Nexus, I got a score I had once written off as a dream.

    Amy, Maryland
    Amy, Maryland +14 Points, 168 Official Score
  • Nexus LSAT is an organized and engaging course that provides superior study materials and support from an expert.

    Hallie, South Carolina
    Hallie, South Carolina +21 Points, 161 Official Score

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If you don’t love your personalized course, get a full refund anytime in the first month. Check out our Course Policies for details.

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Tommy Hall

CEO, co-founder

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Ryan Fliss

COO, co-founder

The quest for better prep

We built Nexus because we saw too many smart friends struggle with standard LSAT courses. Why? Standard LSAT courses are one-size-fits-all. So we built the opposite: prep designed to be personalized.



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