Our Story

We think it can actually be simple to get a high LSAT score.


We started in 2007 when Tommy Hall, then an aspiring law student, saw smart friends take LSAT prep courses and still under-perform on the LSAT. It was easy to see where these courses (still common today) went wrong: they were made to get OK results for many people, not great results for everyone. They offer no real student help at the individual level and they’re built around companies’ profits rather than each student’s needs.


Nexus LSAT was born out of this problem. We set out to create something truly unique: customized courses rich with personal attention. Today, hundreds of students benefit from Nexus LSAT’s personalized approach to LSAT prep.

Our Team

  • Tommy Hall
    Tommy Hall Head Mentor, CEO

    Thomas develops our curriculum and is our head Mentor; he has personalized LSAT courses for over 350 students. After scoring a 177 on the LSAT (Score Report), he was offered a scholarship to attend Columbia Law School. Instead, he chose to advance the LSAT prep industry. Thomas graduated from Williams college in 2006 with degrees in Economics and Psychology. He loves snowboarding, cooking healthy food, yoga, and live music.

  • Ryan Fliss
    Ryan Fliss Mentor, COO

    Ryan is a mentor and leads curriculum development. Before Nexus, he worked as Head Developer of an interactive textbook for English speakers to learn Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese, making good use of his degrees in Chinese and English from the College of William and Mary. Ryan enjoys waking up early, weightlifting, coffee, and watching comedy TV.

  • Tom Nading
    Tom Nading Curriculum Editor

    Tom focuses on the nuts and bolts of the writing in our curriculum Modules. In 2010, he graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a B.S. in News-Editorial Journalism and a minor in English. Outside of writing, he is also a performing musician and vintage instrument expert. He reads every issue of Harper’s Magazine from cover to cover and skis every powder day at the Telluride Ski Resort.


We are based in the beautiful San Juan Mountains of southern Colorado, but we serve students across North America.



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