Get unparalleled support as your mentor analyzes and guides you after every prep session you complete. Our Mentor Guided course is a personalized LSAT course with our full curriculum and daily guidance from your expert mentor.

December 2nd LSAT

1+ Month Prep Course


February 10th LSAT

3+ Month Prep Course

$540 / Month

Tommy Hall
Tommy HallNexus CEO and Head Mentor

One-on-One Online Mentoring

In a Mentor Guided Course, your personal Mentor supports your prep every day. He analyzes all your prep data to provide feedback and continuously build the perfect course for you.

  • Stay on-track with your prep to reach your goal LSAT score
  • Daily targeted guidances to improve your skills
  • Deep data tracking to fully understand your prep

Interactive Scheduling

Your prep is truly adaptive: your Mentor builds your interactive schedule every few days in response to your progress. Classroom and Online courses have nothing remotely comparable.

  • Prep hours fit your availability for each day of the week
  • Short, manageable prep Sessions (45′ average) are easy to complete
Curriculum-4 copy

Unmatched Curriculum

Our entire team focuses on curriculum development: we are all LSAT geeks, researchers, and writers. Our curriculum features breakthrough advancements found nowhere else:

  • Cutting-edge techniques focused on the 2012-2016 LSAT trends
  • Advanced problem sets with unparalleled variety and depth
  • Fully customizable to your LSAT skills and course length

How it Works

1. We Get to Know You

Your personal LSAT mentor learns all about your law school goals and prep needs so that he can build the perfect prep course for you.

2. Course Package

We mail you all the printed LSAT materials you need: 10 books with cutting edge techniques, ~40 full LSATs for practice sections and full PrepTests, and other test-day essentials.

3. Online Tools

Your online schedule is the home of your custom prep schedule, prep guidance, and our interactive data tracking system, where we track your progress on all three sections.

4. Your Personal Schedule

Your schedule is divided into short, actionable sessions that fit your life. Your mentor builds your custom prep schedule every few days to match your progress and ensure you improve rapidly. He uses your prep data and progress to constantly tailor your course to your needs.

5. Steady Guidance

After you complete each prep session, your mentor provides helpful feedback and answers all your questions on the session. You also chat in real time about your prep. This daily expert guidance makes sure you prep optimally and also keeps you accountable to progress.

6. Ace the LSAT

After months of personalized prep and guidance, ace your official LSAT. Personalized LSAT prep is a sure path to your highest LSAT score.

How it’s Different

Guided Course Classroom
Learning style 1 hr sessions 4 hr lecture, weekly
Practice In session After lecture
Accountability Daily None
Homework Scheduled In Sessions Unscheduled
Expert Guidance Daily Rare
Expert Interaction Daily Little
Flexible Course? Yes, expert-directed No, syllabus
Cost $600–2,250 $1500–2000


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