Personalized Self Study

Get all the tools you need to score your highest on the LSAT. Our self-study course gives you a personalized prep schedule for your LSAT skills and goals supported by our cutting-edge curriculum. Your LSAT expert builds your prep schedule every two weeks based on your progress.

From 1-6 months of prep

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Sessions tell you exactly what you need to do and when, based on where you stand to improve most.


Our curriculum adjusts intelligently to fit your target LSAT score, abilities, and time.

Deep Data Tracking

In-session data recording allows us to analyze and accurately adjust your course.

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Unmatched Curriculum

Our entire team focuses on curriculum development: we are all LSAT geeks, researchers, and writers. Refining and adding to the curriculum is our top priority. Our curriculum is divided into fourteen Modules (advanced workbooks) that each teach a set of related skills. Modules are a more efficient curriculum format because learning is tightly integrated with practice, instead of being separated and spread out. Our curriculum features breakthrough advancements found nowhere else:

  • Cutting-edge techniques focused on the 2012-2015 LSAT trends
  • Advanced problem sets with unparalleled variety and depth
  • Fully customizable to your LSAT skills and course length
  • Skill Group focus builds robust LSAT abilities that span problem types
  • Module System: Learn a skill and then practice it immediately
Tommy Hall
Tommy HallNexus CEO and Head Mentor

Expert Personalization

When you prep on your own, you never know if you are prepping the right way. A personalized Self Study course ensures that you are always focusing on the right things. Your LSAT expert analyzes your progress and builds your schedule every two weeks.

  • Stay on-track with your prep to reach your goal LSAT score
  • Deep data tracking to fully understand your prep
  • Mentors have guided hundreds of LSAT students to their highest scores
  • 94th+ percentile LSAT scores

Powerful, Interactive Schedule

Your prep is truly adaptive: your self study schedule is rebuilt every two weeks in response to your progress. Normal self study has nothing remotely comparable.

Your Schedule is powered by Evernote, a powerful free application. Sessions in Evernote are designed specifically to address your prep needs. Each Session lays out exactly what you need to do to get the most out of every minute of your prep and our curriculum.

  • Learn and practice on the right topics so that you improve quickly
  • Prep hours fit your availability for each day of the week
  • Short, manageable prep Sessions (45′ average) are easy to complete


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