Personalized LSAT prep works wonders, but don’t just take our word for it…

  • I can't speak highly enough of my experience with Nexus LSAT and with my expert. My path to LSAT success was unorthodox, but my expert was there every step of the way. He offered encouragement, discipline, and, above all, a masterful understanding of the test itself.

    Muji A., Boston +15 Points, 177 Official Score
  • I was struggling with the Games section in particular and Nexus helped me focus on raising my score in that area while also improving my other sections. I know I wouldn’t have been able to get a 172 without them!

    Robyn, New Mexico
    Robyn, New Mexico +11 Points, 172 Official Score
  • Personalization was a crucial asset for my LSAT prep. The curriculum content was challenging and rewarding; the problem sets were exceptional and really improved my skills quickly. My Nexus Tutor was very accessible and the daily guidance constantly refined how I was prepping. I’m extremely happy with my LSAT score.

    Rachel, Texas +19 Points, 173 Official Score
  • Nexus LSAT is the best LSAT prep course on the market. After speaking with others who took prep courses, I can honestly say that the level of personal attention I received was unparalleled. My instructor narrowly tailored my course to fit my needs and worked with me through the daunting and arduous application process.

    Victor, Texas
    Victor, Texas Attending Michigan Law
  • Nexus’ intense, personalized course schedule was just what I needed to lift my score ten points. Constantly communicating with my mentor helped me to focus and stay on track, resulting in a score in the 96th percentile. I would recommend Nexus LSAT to anyone who’s serious about getting into a great law school.

    Nicholas, Wisconsin +10 Points, 168 Official Score
  • I had already taken the LSAT and completed a prep course, but often felt lost in a large classroom setting and did not feel as prepared as I would have liked on test day. Nexus LSAT’s individualized instruction helped me focus on my weakest spots while improving my strengths. I felt confident going into the test the second time around, and came out with the score I hoped for!

    Naomi, DC
    Naomi, DC +6 Points, 170 Official Score
  • I never imagined I could feel so prepared and confident going into the LSAT. Nexus' approach was so thorough and comprehensive that I actually looked forward to test day.  

    Lauren, Massachusetts
    Lauren, Massachusetts +10 Points, 171 Official Score
  • After being unhappy with my first LSAT score, I wanted to feel confident retaking the test.  [On test day] I knew I could handle any question the LSAT threw me and ended up significantly improving.

    Kali, DC
    Kali, DC +9 Points, 169 Official Score
  • I was scared to take the LSAT before starting this program but after all of the preparation, support, and help that I received, I walked into the test center as confident as I’ve ever been. This course was so valuable to me because of the intensity and the communication that are a part of the course. I never thought it was possible to get the score I did on the actual LSAT!

    Olivia, North Carolina
    Olivia, North Carolina +14 Points, 156 Official Score
  • I can’t begin to express how thorough this program is. I would recommend Nexus LSAT to anyone who wants to excel on this test.

    Greg, Nevada
    Greg, Nevada +15 Points, 170 Official Score
  • My Nexus LSAT mentor helped me increase my score to the 99th percentile by targeting my weaknesses. I recommend Nexus LSAT to any person serious about succeeding on the LSAT.

    David, New Jersey +8 Points, 172 Official Score
  • Nexus LSAT proved to be the best money I’ve ever spent! I went from thinking about a tier 3 law school to now applying to TOP 14!

    Josh, North Carolina
    Josh, North Carolina +16 Points, 169 Official Score